RATES, Research, Applied Technology, Education, and Service is a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit formed to promote and coordinate the collaborative and cooperative use of technology by and among colleges, high schools, public schools, community school districts, public and school libraries, health care facilities, government offices, businesses, health and educational professionals, other educational and community service organizations and community residents for the benefit of the collaborating organizations, their clients, and community residents.

Furthermore, RATES provides advanced information technology facilities and related services to participating organizations, either directly or through agreements and contracts with third party providers, and in connection with, to provide data, strengthen and expand services, including distance learning, teleconsulting between professionals, professional development, in-service training, collaborative research, engineering analysis, and access to shared databases.

Research, Applied Technology, Education, and Service also acts as a provider of data telemetry and telecommunications services and provide a local access point, technical assistance and training facilities in order to assist participating organizations in providing access to technology, including both physical access, particularly for persons with disabilities, and network planning and designing, technology implementations, monitoring and controlling network topology.